Ernesto Quintero co-founded Higher Ground Entertainment in May of 2005. Quintero strongly believes in projects of social relevance and utilizes his skill in video and film to advocate positive change.
Born and raised in Lincoln Heights, Quintero immersed himself in many rich, educational, political and cultural aspects of life. Spending 1/5 of his life with his grandpa in Mexico has allowed him to appreciate his culture as a Chicano.
In 2005, Ernesto served as Producer, camera operator and editor of the documentary, “Pancho Gonzalez: Warrior of the Court,” which aired on Spike TV and the PBS network. He co-directed and conducted interviews with Robert Redford, Edward James Olmos, The William sisters, Jimmy Connors, Andre Agassi and other tennis personalities. He shot SD, HD, used green screen and blended archival footage to produce this one of a kind documentary for SPIKE TV.
Warrior of the Court opened doors for Ernesto. Soon thereafter, he was asked to direct, shoot and edit the opening of the Lalo Guerrero documentary for PBS which went on to receive an Imagen Award; hired as DP for the “Forgotten Eagles” a documentary shot in the Philippines that tells the story of Squadron 201, trained pilots from Mexico that were brought into the Philippines to help free the Phillipino people from Japan’s invasion during WWII; and also asked to direct “The Great Wall of Los Angeles” a documentary on the biggest mural in the nation; traveled through Eastern Europe shooting “Tennis Blue Crush” a documentary that covered the search of the top 100 female players in the world.
Ernesto has also used his skills to advocate change on “Pathology of a Hate Crime”, a documentary used in the court of law to fight against dangerous personalities inciting hate, which helped remove Doug McIyntire off KABC radio.
Ernesto later took his talents to reality by executive producing and directing the “Hook Up” for the Mun2 Network. All his years of experience paid off when receiving the NAMIC Award in season 1 beating out BET, VH1 & MTV.
“I am proud I can take 1/3 of the budget these other networks provide and produce content that not only competes, but is being awarded over these shows” -Ernesto
Season 1 brought him close and allowed him to work with some of his own pop icons like bassist from Metallica Robert Trujillo, pro football player Tony G, R&B artist Frankie Jay, Sabrina Bryant Cheetah Girls, Etc. After receiving the highest ratings on Mun2, the “Hook Up” went on to a second season, where he interviewed in other high regarded places like the garage of Calle 13 in Puerto Rico, or Skywalker ranch in San Francisco, Daddy Yankee’s house studio, taking Miss Universe to Homegirl Café to hang with the homies, or spending the day with nominated episode Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas for the Cesar Chavez march in LA.
He also worked as Co-Director, DP’D Editor of the indie feature film, “Students like Us,” and was the Executive Producer and Director of “The mun2 Hook Up” consisting of two seasons and 26 episodes. He has directed and shot of dozens of nationally broadcasted commercials for national brands.
Ernesto most recently traveled the world working with Jennifer Lopez (JL) on “Dance Again” a documentary featuring JL on her first ever world tour. As second unit director, Ernesto got to see the world through his lens, traveling to 41 countries in 4 months. The film was bought by the Weinstein Company to be released at the end of 2013. On this same tour Ernesto, directed JL’s ten dancers and came back to produce six episodes of “A Step Away”, a docu-series for NUVO TV, which is presently airing. Ernesto enjoyed the tour life and the work was rewarding, but he couldn’t wait to call it a
wrap to fully dive into a “Sacred Journey”, a story of his brother’s fight with ALS (Amyotrphic laterel schlorois).
Editing gives him the advantage as a director. “As an editor, I get to direct and shoot with editing skills influencing the process. The story begins and formulates as it’s being shot.”-Ernesto
Ernesto is prepared to shoot, conduct interviews, direct, produce or edit, but most importantly, Ernesto has a knack for story and heart that allows him to capture emotions.
Quintero is bringing light to exceptional stories that otherwise are going unnoticed and his work is unmistakably poignant and recognized by many. His awards include the Imagen Award for Outstanding Stage Production for “Veteranos: A legacy of Valor” (2000), a nomination for Outstanding Made-for-TV Documentary Producer for an Alma Award for “Warrior of the Court” (2007), Imagen Award for the PBS national television series “Voces” (2007), Cine Golden Eagle Award for “Lalo Guerrero: The Original Chicano” (2007) and most recently a NAMIC award for the “mun2 Hookup” (2008). Of his awards and honors Quintero says, “It is nice to know that the social relevant projects I am a part of are getting attention, but I still feel that there’s so much work to be done.”